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ongoing projects and collaborations


Solo performances
with custom, electronic and traditional instruments

Audio examples
noisepancake1.mp3 / 1.7MB
noisepancake2.mp3 / 1.8MB

Kite Projects

experiments with sound and image capture using kites

Wet Gate

"the All Projector Orchestra"
Projecting Light and Sound Since 1995

Audio examples
Subtle.mp3 / 1.4MB
Marimba.mp3 / 1.6MB

here for Images

more info at www.wetgate.net

Illuminated Corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film

Santo Subito

"it sounds like someone is coming up behind me"

Creative music by Steven Dye and Milton Cross
the New CD Xavier is Now Available at: accretions.com

Audio examples
portrait.mp3 / 2.5MB
broken element.mp3 / 1.2MB

more information here


"We Move Through Weather" and "Paper White"
are both available through Temporary Residence

"Live Edits: Natoma" available through Root Strata
wtih Tony Cross, Steve Dye, and Alexis Georgopoulos.
"Simultaneously the most acoustic and most noisy Tarentel record to date"

more information at www.tarentel.com


dedicated to the eclectic art
of live accompaniment in cinema

Audio examples COMING SOON!

::: projects :::