::: Kite Projects :::

What began as an attempt to amplify and record the resonance of a kite line
soon evolved in to a larger project exploring the visual and sonic possiblities of the Kite.


Rokkokku Kite / Contact Mic / Mic in Action

kite2.mp3 / 1.1MB

kite.mp3 / 1.3MB

2006 monaural recordings,
contact mic on string of a flying kite

Anchor / Recorder

Illuminated Corridor

In the spring of 2009, there were a number of gatherings and expeiments
at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park culminating in the Illuminated Corridor of May 30
here are some documents of those experiments

1st Flight (Video Clip)
This was my very first attempt at gathering images with a kite

The Famous Middle Harbor Mud

Some interesting Views of Building 101 at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

More at Middle Harbor Shorline Park

Sutro Baths

With so much fog, I was suprised that I got any photos at all through the condensation on the lens

Wave Organ

I only got a few, soft, images from the "it's always the Quiet Ones" sound lab/performance
at the Wave Organ in San Francisco, before the kite dissapeared into the Bay

water music1.mp3 / 1MB

water music2.mp3 / 1.5MB

2009 monaural recordings

But I did get some interesting recordings with the Hydrophone!
the mic is in the sand


shelter experiments at the Berkely Marina

::: Kite Projects :::