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field recordings : compositions : InteriorEar

field recordings

original recordings made on Digital Audio Tape
using a pair of Sony DMR-V7 headphones as the microphone
1997 TRT: 21:10

Barong coda.mp3 / 1.3MB

Bali: Pennestanan
recordings from in or around
the rice fields of Penestanan Villiage
1997 TRT 23:57

Frog Voice.mp3 / 1.2MB

underwater acoustic views of the Thames River
2004 TRT 20.33

Thames Near Blackfriars.mp3 / 2.5MB

Brigton Sampler
selections from the three Brighton recordings:
Beach , Underwater, Air
2004 TRT: 20:20

Brighton: Beach
a microphone buried at the shoreline recording the receding tide
2004 one track TRT:19:58

Undersand.mp3 / 1.8MB

Brighton: Underwater
underwater near the pier in Brighton
2004 one track TRT: 19:57

Underwater.mp3 / 932kb

Brighton :Air
binaural recording of the surf at the waterline
2004 one track TRT: 20:14

Air.mp3 / 1MB


Stream for Two Speakers
simultaneous recording of a single stream at two different locations
thus standing in the same stream twice
2004 one track TRT 20:03

Stream.mp3 / 952kb

a solo performance by
Steven Dye
on the occasion of the
Winter Solstice
21 December 2005 Chapel of the Chimes
Oakland California
three tracks TRT 20:03

requiem excerpt.mp3 / 868kb


a sieries of recordings that reveal otherwise hidden
acoustic views of the interior of works of Art
A minimum of sound processing is used on these recordings

Accretion and Repetition
the acoustic interior of Eva Hesse's
"Accretions" and "Repetition 19"

Repetition nineteen excerpt.mp3 / 2MB

an acoustic perspective of some of
Jean Tinguley fountains

Mermaid.mp3 / 784kb

field recordings : compositions : InteriorEar

::: miniCD Releases :::